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Stonewall was developed from the fertile imaginations of three friends and artists living in Katikati, New Zealand. Consumate game players and always on the search for the most fun possible, the trio combined years of experience in their mis-spent youth into what they consider the ultimate board game - Stonewall.

Race by the roll of the dice to the wall-change corner and back. Place walls as you move to amuse and bemuse and be the first home to win (don't get STOMPED or you'll start again!)

Stonewall Travel Edition

The travel edition is loved by travellers worldwide - it packs down smaller than a teeshirt and solves travel boredom problems forever. The board design is printed onto fabric, which folds in to the game piece bag. Playing and wall pieces are stained with non-toxic stains. $NZ45 plus post and packaging. Wholesale rates for both games are available upon application.

All Stonewall games are made form renewable timber resources by artists living sustainable lifestyles Stonewallers believe that having fun should not harm our mother Earth.


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