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Here at The Games we quite like playing board games, especially good ones. The 'classic' board game will be easy to learn, hard to master and highly addictive; take 1-2 hours, be for 3 - 5 players and for those over age 8-ish.
Some of our favourites are:

There's plenty of variety though, so browse around.

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New Zealand Board Games

Here at the games we like to support the board games of New Zealand.

One of the NZ classics is Stonewall, an awesome game involving cunning, skill and a bit of luck.
Stone wall - a kiwi designed, kiwi made and kiwi distributed game, this game's success is testament to it's unique play and it's quality construction. The plan is the first to get to the other side of the board and back while a maze is created by the players to inhibit each other. Once you reach your opposite corner you get to change a wall - but make sure you don't get stomped by another player or your be starting from scratch all over again!

Linwood, the board gameLinwood another New Zealand made board game, the board game.....without a board!
Right from your first step, you decide how the land of Linwood will unravel. Will you rush off in pursuit of the hidden element stones, or patiently wait as others find themselves lost in a dark and unfamiliar forest?

Shipwrights of the North Sea, by the same creator as Linwood.
Shipwrights of the North Sea is set in the early years of the Viking Age, circa 900 AD. As Viking shipwrights, players compete to build the greatest fleet on the North Sea. Players must collect oak, wool and iron, as well as getting other craftsmen on board to help. Gold is a precious commodity, and must be spent wisely. As you would expect, the township is filled with an array of characters, bad and worse. Better hope they're on your side!

We also keep an eye out for the 2nd hand kiwi classic Poleconony. If you have a part set of Poleconomy or want a full set, then Contact us and be part of the Poleconomy legacy.